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    Tag Archives: Geoffrey Woodhall

    INTERVIEW: Neil Shaw – Acoustic Consultant

      Neil Shaw is a master acoustical consultant whose Menlo Scientific has tamed many a sound issue.  From Court Houses to Sports Facilities, Screening Rooms and Academic spaces, he has made a career out of mitigating sound issues before they arise.  A soft-spoken, humorous guy with a distinct Queens accent and attitude, Neil is also […]

    INTERVIEW: David Stone – Supervising Sound Editor

    If you’ve seen any 70′s era Hanna Barbera cartoons or any major motion pictures over the last several decades you’ve heard the craftsmanship of David Stone.  He has worked with some of the most creative and unique directors and producers in Hollywood and picked up an Oscar© [Oscar is the sole property of the Academy […]

    SESSIONS-AUDIO POST-Sound for Documentaries:Preparation

    Sound for documentary film is a skill where typically there are no “second chances.” If you are running after an interview or have a high profile person giving you five minutes of their valuable time and you’ve improperly recorded the audio, you may have blown a key moment from your film. The importance for great audio cannot be over stressed.

    INTERVIEW: Sandy Gendler – Supervising Sound Editor

    Sandy Gendler has worked in just about every aspect of audio post production – from effects editor to Foley and ADR editor to sound designer and supervising sound editor.  His career includes many well known Hollywood features such as “Independence Day”, “U-571″, and Paul Haggis’s Oscar winning “Crash” . He has been twice BAFTA nominated […]

    SESSIONS – AUDIO POST: Save Document Archive – Part 1

    Audio post is made up of several different elements.  The simplest way to look at the various breakdowns is the D, M & E.  This is the dialog material (D), the musical material (M) and the sound effects material (E).  Within those three simple categories however is a whole lot of other stuff.  For instance, […]

    WOODY – RANT: The Other Side of the Desk

    This post is for those who are out there looking for work and are not having any luck.   I read a lot of resumes and have interviewed, hired and overseen many employees.  A lot of this advice is, what I consider to be, simple, common sense.  It’s simply my experience and point of view so […]


    What is Up? This is a typical email from many loyal readers inquiring about where I’ve been since my final posting last year.  It has been a while but I have been very busy and there have been a lot of great things happening.  Now that some time has freed up I’ll get back to […]

    INTERVIEW: Jeff Toyne – Composer

    Jeff Toyne is a composer whose oeuvre includes feature films, many shorts — including two nominated for Academy Awards, composer for “The Two Coreys” on A&E and is renowned for his extensive orchestrations for Hollywood features such as District 9 and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.  He splits his time between Vancouver and […]

    INTERVIEW: Dominique Preyer – Music Supervisor

    Owner of the newly formed company, Hear It – Clear It Music Supervision, Dominique Preyer, is an experienced music supervisor with a background in music publishing and songwriting. As head of the music department, he has music supervised over 35 films as well as serving as executive producer and producer on two short films. Dominique […]

    INTERVIEW:Charles Martin Inouye, AKA Chuck Martin – Music Editor

    Chuck Martin, one of the busiest music editors in Hollywood took a moment to talk shop about what he does and how much he enjoys it. WOODY: How did you get into post-production audio? CHUCK: Music editing.  That was my first and only jump into post-production audio, right into music editing.  My wife was a […]