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What is Up?

This is a typical email from many loyal readers inquiring about where I’ve been since my final posting last year.  It has been a while but I have been very busy and there have been a lot of great things happening.  Now that some time has freed up I’ll get back to some serious postings.  I have a number of great things planned – more interviews, reviews and post audio articles.

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Even though I am pleased to receive all of the private emails from readers I’d like to encourage everyone to post comments and questions directly on the posts.  It generates more interest when the conversations are out there for anyone else to chime in on.  I would like to see more dialog open up on the site like that.  We can all learn more from each other.


One of the main things that has taken an enormous amount of my time is a book that I’ve written for JB Learning. It is, of course, audio specific and it is called “Audio Production and Post Production.” It will be published and released in August.  It has been a “long, hard slog.” But with some determination, a mighty heaping of will power and a lot of help – thank you Wendy, Roxanna and Iryna! – I was able to make it happen.  The cover is posted below and the book layout ties in nicely with the cover design.  I think it looks pretty good!

Book Cover

More information regarding the book can be found here at this link.  If you use the code “WOODHALL” you will get 35% off the cover price!  Buy 2!!!

I thought it was tough writing the occasional article for this blog.  Never wrote a book before but I think that it is a good one.  It is intended as a textbook primarily for college level classes.  But it is written as a practical text for anyone more interested in learning about audio for film and television.  Their site has the table of contents and more detailed information regarding the text.

I will also be offering seminars and classes specific to the book this summer in Los Angeles.  I will update dates and times here.


I regularly conduct audio post seminars and classes here in Los Angeles.   I have done a number of these already this year.  Earlier in the year I did an audio seminar for the Producers Guild of America. We had a terrific turn-out and several folks joined my post specific group – The Los Angeles Post Production Group.

At the end of April I did a presentation at the Recording Institute at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood where I discussed what I call “Real World Audio Post.”  This is a specific talk geared towards audio students embarking on the start of their audio careers.  How to be patient, results oriented and positive as you create your career. And beyond “audio post” itself – I talk about the importance of looking good, acting humble and being willing to watch and learn.

Monica Macillas
Woody and Monica Mancillas at MI


Monica Mancillas is the Director of the Recording Institute of Musicians Institute.  She is an amazing singer/songwriter as well!

I was also part of a panel for the ShowBiz Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center called “The Sound of Success.”  Panel participants included:

– Glenn Berkovitz, CAS (Moderator) – Local 695 Production Sound Mixer (Weeds)
– Keira Morrisette – Associate Producer (White Collar)
– Phillip Palmer, CAS – Local 695 Production Sound Mixer (Glee)
– Jay Patterson, CAS – Local 695 Production Sound Mixer (Without a Trace)
– Woody Woodhall, CAS IMDB

Laurence Abrams not only set-up the panel but also created a video for members of the Hollywood Local 695, which is up on their website.  There is a link here.

The Sound of Success

If your organization would be interested in my presentation of an audio post seminar feel free to contact me.


I just finished up mixing six episodes of a new reality series for Food Network called “The Private Chefs of Beverly Hills.”  It is a challenging show, with multiple wireless isolated microphones and the issues of quick cutting in a kitchen environment.  It is a very entertaining show and the producers are extremely experienced and it is a pleasure to work with seasoned professionals.  I’ve got a few other things coming up as well and they will be detailed as they arise.


If you get a chance to see the show it is airing on the weekends on Food Network, with each show’s premiere on Friday nights at 10PM.