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What is Up? This is a typical email from many loyal readers inquiring about where I’ve been since my final posting last year.  It has been a while but I have been very busy and there have been a lot of great things happening.  Now that some time has freed up I’ll get back to […]

Woody Rant: A Slight Imbalance

I offer free audio post discussions quarterly each year.  These are filled with filmmakers of all stripes, new and experienced, amateur and professional who are close to or at the time for audio post and they are hungry for knowledge.  I will generally discuss all the hot and heavy aspects of what we post sound […]

5 Misunderstandings About Audio Post for Feature Films

You’ll find this list is filled with quotation marks. They are representative of the “powers that be” who are making assumptions about the process. You know who you are … 5. The Quickie Mix – Or the “one-day mix”, or the “just get the levels and EQ right mix” or the “quick polish mix” – […]